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What is this course about?

Our full-stack development course comprises of both web designing and web development. In this course, our expert trainers will teach you to develop the whole project on your own. Here you will learn all the basics and advanced concepts of web designing and development along with the development of live projects. Along with all these, you will be also taught industrial frameworks to develop better, easily manageable and faster web app..

What learning benefits you will get?

You will learn the basics of web designing and web development.

You will be taught to design and develop creative and beautiful looking web applications.

You will learn Database management and efficient use.

You will get familiar with PHP, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Javascript, AJAX, SQL, MySQL, etc.

Some industrial frameworks and API's like Laravel, Payment Gateway, etc. will be taught to use.

Moreover, we will teach you photoshop, CSS animations and GIF creation to give your web designing extraordinary look and feel.

What are the career benefits with web design?

Full-stack developers have a high demand in the market because they can work to complete a whole project on their own. Businesses are usually in search of multi-talented people who can handle more than one tasks. Becoming a full-stack developer provides you with an advantage over others and helps you get placed easily.

Minimum Qualification : 10+2

Duration : 4 months

Course Content

How Internet works ?

What is DNS server

Web server

FTP server

HTTP and STTPS server

What is Website ?

Type of Website E-commerce(shopping), Recharging, Informative(Blog) etc

Why we create a website

Difference between dynamic website and static website.

What is HTML?

HTML Elements


HTML Anchor Tag



HTML Table


HTML Events

Div And Span


Learning CSS3

CSS Properties

CSS Value

CSS Syntax

CSS Comments

Keyframe Animation

CSS Selector

Applying CSS – Internal, External, Inline

CSS Background

CSS Classes and ID

CSS Pseudo-Classes

Responsive Web Design

CSS Media Queries, Viewport

Intro To Bootstrap4

BS4 Grid Basic

BS4 Typography, Tables, Alert, Buttons

BS4 Card, Dropdowns, Collapse,, Forms, Inputs

BS4 Navs, Navbar, Carousel, Modal

BS4 Grid System

Image Cropping, using the Pen tool

Pixel Perfect Design

Image optimization for use in web pages

Designing for Mobile Devices/Tablets

Introduction to JavaScript

Basic Concept and use of JavaScript

Javascript Operators

Javascript Variable

Javascript if-else

Javascript functions

Jquery ideas and usage

Form validation using jquery

Submitting forms with help of jquery

Introduction to PHP

PHP with Web Design

Variables in PHP

PHP Control Structures

PHP Arrays

PHP Loops

PHP Expressions

PHP Basic syntax

PHP Conditions, Events and Flows

Date And Time Functions

PHP Header Function

HTTP Protocol

Array Iteration

PHP Multidimensional Arrays

Array Functions

PHP String Functions

Return Values, Variable Scope, PHP include(), PHP require()


PHP Cookie handling, PHP Session Handling, PHP Login Session

Email and Security

Photo upload – single and bulk upload in PHP

Files and Directory Access

Reuse Code

Basic website security like how to prevent SQL Injection

Library – Image, Input, File Upload, Email, Session

Introduction to OOP

Why learn Object Oriented PHP

Objects and Classes in PHP

Constructor and Destructor

Access Modifiers public , protected ,private

Inheritance - Overriding, final Keyword etc

Class Constants,Abstract Classes

Database Terminology


MySQL Database, Tables and Queries

MySQL Create

MySQL Insert

MySQL Select

MySQL Update

WHERE condition

Difference Between Group By and Order By

Having, LIKE, AND OR operators

Introduction to Laravel

Framework Folder Structure

Laravel Route

Controller, model

laravel blade template

Seeder, Migrations