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Course Content

Setting python environment and installation

writing first python program

Basic syntax, variable, string, list, dictionary, tuple

If else statement

For loop

While loop

Break and continue

Bult-in functions

User define functions

Adding arguments to a function

Different types of arguments

Importing modules and libraries to script


Building a calculator

Building small games using python libraries

Course Content

File handling on text file

File handling on binary file

File handling on csv file



Charts and bar

Different types of arguments

Python-sql connectivity

Mysql-connector module

Operations on tables and database using python

Django web Framework


Working with file and csv file

Python mysql connectivity project

Django Web development Project

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Web Developer Training Institute in Guwahati

Freshers IT is one of the best web development training providing institute in Guwahati, Assam. We provide web developer training courses that include Python programming course. Along with basics, our web development program will provide you with advance industrial standard practices and will prepare you for various industrial real-world web devlopment challenges. Moreover, we provide web application development training which will help you to develop enhanced user interfaces and dynamic websites. Our web application development course also includes web application frameworks like Django. Django is the leading web application framework in web application development industry and demands professional web developers. Our web developer training will also help you in developing any type of dynamic web pages, dynamic websites and custom CMS.

What is this course about?

The Python development program is a comprehensive industrial level training program. It provides you with complete knowledge of developing functional web applications. The Python development program is divided into two phases. The first phase provides knowledge of fundamentals in Python. The second phase provides you with advance knowledge of Python. We will teach you to use advanced development tools and techniques to lead the industry level Python requirements.

What learning benefits you will get?

You will deeply learn the basics of Python programming.

You will be able to create python environment & installation.

We will teach you python libraries to script.

You will also learn to build calculator and build small games using python.

What are the career benefits with Python?

Python is the most widely used platform and language for developing dynamic websites. Moreover, the demand for trained Python professionals is on a constant rise. The demand is on peak and trained competent Python developers are less.

Minimum Qualification : 10+2


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